Vacating the premises..

I took at decision – at least I think I did – this morning – to swap my blog from WordPress to Blogger. I am not one hundred percent certain that I will stay there – but I have been thinking for weeks and weeeks about doing it – and I think the only way I am going to stop faffing about between one and another is to make a decision to give it a try for a month or so – and see how it goes.

The address over there – for anyone wishing to follow along is still called

I will still be posting persackerly as I have been doing here — and hope to see some familiar faces, and I will of course keep up with all your blogs just the same –

Toodle-pip for now..



Sunday Sunday!

I had a great time yesterday at the  ‘do’ I went to. Met lots of old faces, and exchanged memories, and got teary as you do on those occasions, I realised it was probably the last time I was going to see a few faces that have woven their way in and out of my life.  But on the whole it was a joyful occasion, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

As I walked in the door,I was greeted by the hostess who took me directly to a table full of bottles of varying kinds, most of which were alcoholic — I have no problem with alcohol – except for the calories involved – but I scooted that one – by saying that I would be driving — not to be deterred my hostess directed me to the non-alcoholic things — my heart sank – they were all obviously full of sugar – and I really didn’t want to have any — so I took a glass to satisfy the hostess and carried  it away with me — not a sip did I take – I eventually put it down – as you do – on a table somewhere – and just forgot about it, and waited for the tea and coffee instead lol.

As far as food is concerned, I knew that what I ate was going to be the equivalent of my lunch.   I was my own master — or mistress, in that there were tables groaning with ‘pick up’ food – most of which the calorie count was not remotely discernable…so I restricted myself to 2 triangle sandwiches – one of chicken – and one of cheese, and what i can only describe as three small bite sized pieces of barbecued chicken on a stick.  I treated myself to a  little  individual meringue, with a small heap of cream and a slice of strawberry on top, that was going to be my lot — I was actually hungry, …I thought I would have enough to stave off a faint and leave it at that lol. I would rather be hungry and know that I hadn’t over done it – than to eat to fill and not know what I was doing as regards to calories — a little hunger doesn’t hurt once in a while — who’da thunk Blue~ would have said that a bit back .

I came home and had my planned dinner – and all was fine — Blue survives to fight another day! 🙂

I have a lot of siblings – three of which were there yesterday — and if obesity had a genetic cause someone somewhere ought to study us lol.  There are two definite ‘sides’ to my siblings – those that take after my mother in looks and build, and those that take after my f***** — we fall into one or the other, there are no in betweens.  Those that physically resemble my mother all carry a lot of weight ..not just a bit — a lot.  My elder brother died ten years ago weighing over 600lbs..and while  none of us remaining are remotely near that, I and three other brothers are all 300lb +.  Those that resemble my f***** are tall and willowy,  well over six feet, and of average or slim build.  There is no in between.  We have all had the same upbringing if not the same experience, I am sure that someone could discern something from studying us lol.

Its Sunday — Roast today – there is something really nice about a Sunday Roast, and it’s not all to do with food.  It’s to do with being around a dining table – talking with those who share your life, mulling over things, and especially now my children are grown, and have their own social lives, and work, and study its a time for us all to reconnect and find out whats been going on…I like Sundays. So many folks no longer either enjoy a traditional family Sunday – or even sit at table to eat en famille – its such a shame.  But then I am one who thinks that the breakdown of the family in society has a lot to do with what ails us all today – but what do I know!


The Art of Refusal

Okay I give up! Seriously.  I give up the attempt to get more sleep.  It’s not that I sleep badly, I actually sleep quite well, but I wish I could wake up in the morning feeling as if I want to leap out of bed, take a lung full of air at the window – smile and wave hello to the world ‘Well good morning Mr Rabbit!’ — and bounce into my day full of Joie de Vivre…like I did when I was eight lol.  Instead its a sort of mumble into the duvet, and oog! is it that time already! before  I get vertical – in stages, this can’t be rushed you know…and with eyes still shut I somehow get to the bathroom.  The day has started and I may be walking and talking – but my start button still needs pushing.  Fact is that although I sleep well I feel I need ten hours, and you would think – -‘ ‘seasy go to bed couple hours earlier’…sensible thought guys, but it seems I have been programmed to get 8 hours +1 minute regardless.  I went to bed at ten pm last night pooped. I woke up at 06.15 never to sleep again…its always that way.  I am one hundred percent sure that I get a degree of sleep apnoea – can’t really expect much else -and that might account for a lack of bounce – but not for the 8+1 minute phenomenon.  Sigh.

Anyway – it’s not even 7am – but I thought I would get this out-of-the-way – I have a ‘thing’ to attend at lunchtime and I need to get busy.

The ‘thing’ I have to attend is a diamond wedding celebration, which is no prob…there are going to be hoards of interesting people there I am sure, but its a ‘finger buffet’ thing.  These things used to scare the daylights out of me.  There area  multitude of people passing plates under your nose, ‘Take one – take two’….invariably they are either cheese, sausage or pastry based, and either loaded with mayo or cream…Sandwiches cut in neat triangles, that only need one bite to disappear, never to be seen again.  The damage you can do at these things is enormous, and what you get for your money (calories) bears no relation to the amount you eat.

I said these things used to scare me…and its true they did – I could eat 1000 calories without even trying. That was until I learnt the Art of Refusal.

There is something about this little tool that changes the whole thing.  We are all trained to be polite, and well-mannered, and for some unaccountable reason we have translated ‘well mannered’ into ‘we must eat if someone supplies food.’  We come up with all sorts of justification for it..’they have gone to so much trouble’ – ‘its rude to refuse’..’it would go to waste’ and all that silliness.  It’s just justification folks – it’s not the truth.

If I were a diabetic…and was attending the buffet, and there was nothing suitable for me to eat, nobody would say ‘how rude’ if I refused to eat sugar laden foods, diabetics who eat unsuitable food are risking life and limb doing so…most of them have also developed the Art of Refusal — their life depended on it.  Obesity..Gross Morbid Obesity has exactly the same threat attached to it – but somehow we forget that little bit.

A few years ago — when I was doing some stupid liquid diet, before liquid diets became quite so popular…that cost me a fortune to do…I learnt the art of saying  ‘No thanks’.  I remember the occasion I learnt the lesson too.  It was at a school ‘evening’ after a kidlets production …and the children had brought all sorts of home-made goodies along — chocolate krispies, biscuits/cookies, cheese straws, you know all those sorts of things, and these little mites walked around us adults passing plates of their triumphs under our noses, and daring us to say anything but ‘wow did you make those?’.  I had been on the liquid diet for a long time, and had been absolutely committed to it – and I dug my mental heels in and decided that I was not going to let this be the thing that put me off track, and  I remember smiling at  one child and saying, ‘Wow did you make those?’….and then ‘they look really tasty – but I am full to the brim – right up to my chin’ …I got a direct stare back before the child moved on to the next victim…more children came – and I uttered similar words to each..not one of them did anything other than pass on to the next person.  I realised that it was actually up to me as to whether I ate this stuff or not.  I learnt that it was not impossible to say ‘no’ — nobody for one minute even noticed that I was not eating…I stood with my glass clasped between two hands in front of me…barely sipped a drop, and joined in the conversation just the same as I would have done with a  hand full of calories in the other.

The more you practice the easier it gets.  Today I am going to be practicing the Art of Refusal…’No thanks I am fine!’ — ‘Thanks but I have had enough’ …’Really I am good thanks’..we all have our own way of saying it, and I know from past experience that people don’t throw their hands up in horror, they don’t feel slighted, they invariably smile and walk on.  Sometimes they  try twice.  ‘Are you sure – there is plenty’ — or  ‘They are really nice – just have one!’ …but all you have to do is repeat yourself  ‘Thank you, but honestly I am fine!’ — and they move on.  It’s up to me innit!  (London for isn’t it) lol.  The thing is — nobody notices YOU!

When my daughter says ‘does my bum look big in this?’ — my son pipes up with ‘who do you think is noticing you anyway?’ — its done tongue in cheek – but its true..we assume that we are the centre of attention, when in fact we are not – and nobody notices!!!

Just as a side note – the Art of Refusal is so much easier to practice if you are not actually hungry. Eating before you go to these things – much like eating before you shop, actually helps with resolve.  What you can’t do, is eat before you go, and then refuse to practice the Art of Refusal – thats not playing cricket!


Trolley Race to Weigh

I gave myself a break from the computer yesterday – except to post my food plan – it was good.

This morning I am in a rush and tear – as normal I guess – dogs to get hair cut – me to dentist, pick up dog take them home to go out again for lunch, mega shop and *gasp, trolley mayhem – don’t you just hate mega shopping!

I think everyone who has need to be in charge of a shopping trolley/cart (hereafter referred to as ‘the trolley’)  should have a Certificate of Competence – to include such things a ‘Trolley Manners, Aisle sense, Suitable places to park your trolley when collecting items from the shelf, Emergency Stops,  Signalling,  you know the sort of thing.  There should be penalty points for misdemeanours, and on collection of enough penalty points you would be relegated to carrying a basket instead of the privilege of driving a trolley.  Major offences leading to instant banning from driving said vehicles should be the preserve of the Supermarket Manager…for such things as causing another driver to make an emergency stop, bashing the heels of the person in front, obstructing the flow of traffic, misplacing your trolley  and pinching someone else’s, and incorrect positioning  at checkout resulting in impeding the woman next to you – these major offences would entail a minimum 3 month ban, and require that your Trolley Driving Test be retaken.  We could even have ‘L’ plates for learners, and ‘P’ plates for provisional drivers  — ‘P’  plates being removed after one years incident free  driving.  — there – Mega shops and trolley mayhem  sorted in one easy lesson.

I was planning my food so that I could plan my shop….I have decided I hate planning food – just because I have to shop for it afterwards — waaaaaaaaaaa I loath shopping.  It was always made bearable by the thought of the really nice cafe that is part of my local Supermercado..where I could have a coffee — ‘oh that cake looks nice is that tomato and basil soup? can I have cream on that’  and the daily crossword while i supposedly wrote my shopping list made it not quite so bad.  Now that I don’t use the shop as an excuse to use the cafe, its not quite such a pleasant experience – it means doing it like others do — you know – you go to shop – to actually shop, not to eat.  Now i plan my food, and my shopping list before I even leave the house – I was going to say ‘how boring is that’ – but I guess it’s not so bad.  Would rather eat!! …..Okaaaaaaaaaay perhaps I wouldn’t!!!

It’s also weigh in day today.  The scale tell me that I have lost a pound this week – which is ok — it’s the trend that counts Blue – remind yourself its the trend that counts.  I was reading Sean’s blog (see link right) yesterday and he talks about how he can get a little disappointed in the scale in that he has a sneaking suspicion that he could have done better…and I can go along with that.  To lose a pound is good – I will take it over gaining one any day – but I know that two things have been different this week – and that was the meal out – which actually I could blame for it – but one meal does not stop weight loss — but coupled with the fact that I have been practically immobilized by my game leg will have done it.  If there is any lesson to be gained from only losing a pound its that it could have been a little more if I had actually moved my body a bit.  But I am not going to be hard on myself – my leg has been really crook – and with the best will in the world there is no way I would have been able to stand about on it – let alone exercise – so I will suck up the one pound and determine to try to get a bit more active next week.

Some of you may remember that at the beginning of the year I said that I would do the ‘Race for Life’ this year – I had quietly let it drop from my attention, till yesterday..when an email popped into my Inbox thanking me for booking my place on the June event — scuse meeeeee!! when did I do that!! I hadn’t — I noticed that I am doing it with my daughter and one of my girlfriends — Missy had signed all three of us up for it – ‘I know you would have forgotten otherwise Ma!’ — who would have kids.  So …all being well I have paid up to actually do it — how bad is that! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa but but I don’t wannaaaaaa.  I must be mad!  I did it two years ago in blistering heat – a lot lighter than I am now, and got blisters on my blisters, the scars of which are still visible today – but ………………’s for a good cause – and I might even burn a few calories — thats me putting on a  positive slant — (did you notice that Dawne? I hope you are taking notes!)

I best get going – time and tide and all that…



I saw this and had to chuckle…and no, much as I thought it was about losing weight as I read on, its not. But most girls will agree with the sentiment.

AMBITION by Tricia Sturgeon.

One day, I am sure it will happen,

When the moon is a bright shade of blue,

And piggies fly high in the heavens,

And wishes are answered on cue.

Just how this will all be accomplished

Is not, I’ll admit, quite clear.

The time frame’s a little bit hazy

I’m hoping for some time next year.

I’m plotting and thinking and scheming,

And working out whats to be done

To bring all my plans to fruition

At this stage, its really quite fun.

It’s sort of a life-long ambition.

I’ve tried, many times, down the years,

But always it’s ended in failure,

Resulting in tantrums and tears.

Yet some folk achieve it…well….daily,

(Though never I’m sure in their teens),

I’m blowed if I know how they do it

I reckon its all in the genes.

Ok then, it’s now or it’s never…

As soon as I’ve finished this cup,

No don’t hold me back, I’m determined

To tackle the tidying up!.